Lake Okeechobee, often called Florida’s “Inland Sea,” is the largest freshwater lake in Florida and the second-largest freshwater lake entirely within the United States. It’s located in the heart of the state and plays a crucial role in Florida’s ecosystem and water management. Here are some of the top things to see and do around Lake Okeechobee:

  1. Scenic Drive: The Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail, known as the “LOST Trail,” offers a 110-mile driving route around the lake. This provides stunning panoramic views of the lake and its surrounding landscapes.
  2. Fishing: Lake Okeechobee is renowned for its exceptional bass fishing. Anglers from around the country visit to catch largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill.
  3. Airboat Tours: Take an airboat tour on the lake to explore its vast and wild interior, which is home to a variety of wildlife, including alligators, wading birds, and more.
  4. Hiking and Birdwatching: Several parks and wildlife management areas around the lake offer hiking trails and excellent birdwatching opportunities. Some areas are part of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.
  5. Paddle Sports: Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding on the lake and its surrounding waterways. Rentals and guided tours are available.
  6. Camping: Camp at one of the campgrounds around Lake Okeechobee to experience the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the area. The lake features both public and private campgrounds.
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More Information:

  1. Recreation Areas: Explore recreation areas like the Okeechobee Waterway Park, which offers picnicking and water access for boating and fishing.
  2. Herbert Hoover Dike: Visit the Herbert Hoover Dike, an earthen dam that surrounds the lake and provides flood protection. You can drive along the top of the dike and appreciate the views.
  3. Observation Towers: Some parks around the lake feature observation towers that provide breathtaking views of Lake Okeechobee and the surrounding landscape.
  4. Wildlife Photography: Its and its adjacent marshes and wetlands are excellent places for capturing the beauty of Florida’s diverse wildlife.
  5. Visitor Centers: Stop by visitor centers like the Scenic Center for information about the lake, its history, and recreational opportunities.
  6. Eco-Tours: Take eco-tours led by local guides to explore the unique ecosystems and wildlife of the lake and its surroundings.
  7. Art and Culture: Visit local art galleries, cultural centers, and museums in towns near Lake Okeechobee to learn about the history and culture of the region.

In the middle of Florida, Lake Okeechobee and its beautiful surroundings offer lots of fun outdoor stuff to do. It’s a great place for people who love nature and being outside. Plus, the lake is super important for Florida’s water system. Exploring the cool ecosystems around it shows off lots of pretty nature and different kinds of animals. So, if you go check it out, you’ll have a really awesome time in its amazing outdoors.



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