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Joe Torry
Joe Torry

Joe Torry Biography and Wiki

Renowned for his versatile talents in both acting and comedy, Joe Torry, an American native born on September 28, 1965, in St. Louis, Missouri, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment realm. His notable appearances in a myriad of films and TV series have garnered widespread acclaim. Films like “Poetic Justice” (1993), “Sprung” (1997), and “Tales from the Hood” (1995) are just a few examples that showcase his prowess. Moreover, Torry served as the affable host of the beloved comedy series “Def Comedy Jam” from 1992 to 2008.

Not confined to acting alone, Joe Torry is also a celebrated stand-up comedian, celebrated for his quick wit and captivating stage presence. His performances in various comedy clubs and specials have consistently delighted audiences, earning him both fervent fans and critical accolades.

Beyond the entertainment sphere, Torry is deeply engaged in philanthropic endeavors, using his influence to uplift communities, particularly those in his hometown of St. Louis. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism from Lincoln University. Furthermore, in recognition of his significant contributions to the entertainment industry, Torry has been bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters.

Joe Torry’s birthdate

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 28, 1965, Joe’s roots trace back to the heart of the Midwest.

Joe Torry Height and weight

Torry’s stature is estimated to be around 5 feet 8 inches (approximately 1.78 meters), complemented by a moderate build.

Joe Torry Family

Torry’s roots intertwine deeply with St. Louis, Missouri, where he was both born and raised under the name Joseph Pierre Torry. While details regarding his parents remain undisclosed, he shares a familial bond with his brother, Guy Torry, who, like him, pursues a career in acting and comedy.

Joe Torry spouse and children

Torry finds joy in his marital union with his wife, Chrystal Benson. Their journey together began in 2001, and they have since cherished nearly two decades of companionship. Their bond is further enriched by the presence of their two children, Kameron Torry and Joseph Torry II.

Joe Torry
Joe Torry

What is Joe Torry’s education?

Torry pursued his higher education at Lincoln University, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism.

Joe Torry’s Career, movies, and TV shows

Torry has had a diverse career in both movies and television shows. Some of his notable works include:

1. “Poetic Justice” (1993): He appeared alongside Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur in this romantic drama film directed by John Singleton.
2. “Sprung” (1997): Torry played a role in this comedy film directed by Rusty Cundieff.
3. “Tales from the Hood” (1995): He appeared in this horror anthology film that explores social issues through supernatural elements.
4. “Back in Business” (1997): Torry had a role in this action-comedy film starring Brian Bosworth and Joe Torry.
5. “Pawn Shop” (2010): He appeared in this crime drama film.

Television Shows:
1. “Def Comedy Jam” (1992–2008): Torry hosted this popular stand-up comedy series on HBO, showcasing various comedians.
2. “Roc” (1992): He appeared in an episode of this comedy-drama series.
3. “ER” (1997): Torry guest-starred in an episode of this medical drama series.
4. “Dangerous Minds” (1996): He had a recurring role in this TV adaptation of the film of the same name.
5. “The Workout Room” (2005): Torry was involved in this comedy series.

Throughout his career, Joe Torry has showcased his versatility as both an actor and a comedian, contributing to various genres in the entertainment industry.

Joe Torry’s Net Worth

Torry’s accrued wealth is approximately $1 million, primarily stemming from his extensive acting career.

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